More Kodak Gold

These next images are a bit grainy and out of focus, but I kind of like the results. They are both scans of the negatives.

Picking up from yesterday’s conversation, I’ve made an attempt to reduce the pinkish hue in yesterday’s image. The shadows on the truck are now whiter.

5 thoughts on “More Kodak Gold

  1. it seems the pinkish/purpleish hues are a big problem in using expired film. i have noticed this with others who have used expired film. i wonder what the results would be if you flipped them to b/w???


  2. Converting some of this roll to b/w is definitely on the horizon! I’ve been curious about results with expired film, and since Dad’s camera bag had both the Pentax and 4 or 5 rolls of expired film, I’ve felt the need to soldier through them 😊. I regret that he didn’t hang on to the Kodak Retina that I recall him having when I was growing up. Since my folks moved every 5 or 6 years at one point, anything they weren’t still using was disposed of. After retirement he was in the same house for 20 years so the camera bag with the Pentax got stowed in the garage after he got a digital camera. On the other hand, I have my Mom’s Dad’s Argus C3 that I’ve used for several rolls, but waiting to use it for a 30 year old roll of b/w he never used. Glad I’ve got time on my hands 😁


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