San Francisco 1978 – Bay Bridge

For some reason I’ve always thought of On the Road when I look at this picture. Maybe I was hoping Jack and Neal were still hanging around San Francisco in the Seventies. I’ve posted a different version of this same photo before, but thought it needed to follow yesterday’s shots from the same trip.

San Francisco 1973 – Fort Point

These photos were shot with a Minolta Autopak 600-X, using 126 Kodachrome. My scanner doesn’t seem to like square slides, so scanning was a challenge, but I’m quite happy with these. The 2nd and 3rd photos were converted to Black and White.

Fort Point is a Civil War fort under the Golden Gate Bridge. This trip was with a High School Church group from Grants Pass, Oregon.

San Francisco 1964

These were taken in 1964, with the Brownie camera that I mentioned in the About page. That would make me 7 years old at the time. These are scans of the original prints. In the first photo, the tall building is the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. The second photo is of the Mark Hopkins Hotel. The last photo, quite blurry for some reason, is Fisherman’s Wharf.