Pentax and Kodak Gold

One of the goals I set for myself this year was to shoot at least one roll of film each month. I missed January, but February was the black and white roll I posted here recently. For March, I shot an expired roll of Kodak Gold 200 that was about 15 years old. I used my Dad’s Pentax MV, which I’ve used before, with a 135 mm lens that I have never used before. Taking off my progressive lens glasses and focusing in the Pentax viewfinder is a bit of a challenge.

The photo above is a scan of the print I got back from Blue Moon. I did some minor processing in Photoshop Elements, mainly Auto Sharpening, Auto Color Correction, and Auto Haze Removal. I’ve been experiencing technical difficulties with my Nik Collection plug-ins, and am hoping to get them back up a running, but in the meantime learning more about Elements.

Scanning color negatives proved to be a bit challenging, but interesting. The version below is the scan of the negative, with the same processing, with a bit of Auto Smart Tone also. The scanner left some odd shadows which I also found in a few other exposures on the roll, but not all. Until I get a bit better at scanning color negatives, I’ll probably rely on the prints from the processor. Scanning Black and White negatives was a breeze compared to color.

With the different lens, the expired film, and learning how to scan color negatives, it’s been a steep learning curve this week. I’ll post a few more images from this roll over the next couple of days, and then move onto the Black and White roll of film from April.

4 thoughts on “Pentax and Kodak Gold

  1. Goodday, David. I am not the one for giving advice on colour scan nor photoshop, but (yes, there’s always a ‘but’) now that you are practising: would you & elements be able to do something about the pinkish colour cast in the first photo?
    btw. nice coincidence that the van in the photo says “auto chlor”
    Kind regards and best of luck! aafke


  2. Thanks, I think I know where to find the overall tint adjustment 🤔. I’m thinking this is going to be a work-in-progress week. The Silent Camera can wait a week 😉

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