Escape to the Japanese Garden

April’s roll of film was Ilford Delta 100 black and white film, shot with my Minolta X-700. I’ve scanned the negatives and haven’t done any processing. The focus is a bit soft, and the exposure may be a bit off, but I really like these images just as they are. I probably need to spend a bit more time on focusing, and maybe bracket exposures to check the meter’s results, but I haven’t settled on a black and white film as my go-to, so I’m not going to get too deep into the weeds just yet!

3 thoughts on “Escape to the Japanese Garden

  1. focus….maybe a tripod or a good monopod would help. when i shot film, for b/w i learned on kodak tri-x, but later i used ilford exclusively. now that i shoot digital, i set my camera for that :ilford” look, or should i say, what i feel is that look. as for color, in film i liked kodak slide film for the “blues” and fuji film print for i liked the way it did the “greens.” and i set my digital camera setting for those “looks”


  2. All good ideas. I’m probably still a bit too self conscious for a tripod, but a bit of intention might be doable 🙂. I have used settings on my digital cameras , mainly b/w, to force myself into a mood for finding images. My normal mode is one of opportunity, then see what I got later. With my Instagram photos I’ve been trying to be a bit quicker on the turnaround, using my phone exclusively, and finding images to post within a day or two. Kodachrome and Fujichrome settings would definitely get me back to my color array from 30 and 40 years ago.


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