2 thoughts on “Revive – 2008

  1. David, One of my favorite things to do is walking around Tokyo.I like the architecture. I like that big and small temples and shrines are physically ubiquitous, the building and grounds are part of their everyday life, even its just a daily shortcut through the grounds to the next block. The experience connects culture and tradition to people’s everyday life.

    The blossoms are fun to see if you take the Toden Arakawa Tram Line, aka Tokyo Sakura Tram, get a one day pass at Minowabashi station for ¥400 and ride/get off and ride/get off all day. Plenty of local passengers doing daily errands.

    Its also nice that Japan is very safe to walk around anywhere and public bathrooms are both easily available and always clean.

    Nice images.


  2. Steve, thanks for the tip! We were supposed to go last Fall, maybe 2022? We were just reminiscing about our wander through Meguro, and that were attracted by its reputation as a cool neighborhood then, when now its a prime Sakura destination. We had no map of the neighborhood, couldn’t communicate with the policeman in the booth, so retraced our steps to the train. The blossoms along the river blew us away!


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