The Portlanders

Well, it really happened! My book, The Portlanders, has been published by Northwest Review. You can find more details, and ordering info, at

It’s been a complete thrill to see this project come together so quickly, ever since I was asked by Northwest Review in February if I’d like to do a book of my Portland photographs from the past several years, showing the streets as we now find them.

The photos are a combination of ones that I’ve posted on Instagram and on Sanslartigue, and some that have never been published before. It’s a personal observation of Portland, a city that I’ve had connections to my entire life, and it’s been home for the last 32 years. Portland was already in a housing crises when COVID hit, and life on the street now includes recreation, socializing, and dining options for the housed, and the unfortunate only option for living for the un-housed. I’ve tried to leave judgement to others, but want people to look at what is here. And it is probably the same where you are.

For those of you wanting more of my photos on a daily basis, you can always find me on Instagram by the link at the bottom of this page! Those photos are always different from those posted here. Here on Sanslartigue can be photos that are weeks, months and years old, while my Instagram photos are much more current, sometimes same day, but usually less than a week old. And they are almost all taken with my first generation iPhone SE. It’s getting old, so there may be a new phone in my future, but for now I love the size and resolution of the SE. They are typically processed with Snapseed.

The Portlanders

Back in February, the editor / publisher of Northwest Review, which has published some of my photographs over the past several issues, approached me about doing a book of my photos. He was interested in doing a book that would show Portland, Oregon as it is today, that I’ve been showing on my Instagram posts and Sanslartigue. I started pulling photos from my files and covering the dining room table.

Black and White photos, covering the past five years or so. What I’ve seen in our neighborhood, downtown, and elsewhere in the city where I’ve lived for 32 years, and have had connections to for 65 years. Not the Portland of Fox News, but the Portland that I’ve seen. Mostly digital, some film. A lot from my phone, but a lot from various cameras. Many that I’ve posted to Instagram, some from Sanslartigue, and some that I haven’t posted before.

I’ll share more details in the coming weeks!

For a preview of The Portlanders, and how to order it, click here!