2 thoughts on “Phillips Exeter Academy Library

  1. David,

    I have noticed that you are fond of architecture, Do you know and have opinion on the work of Philip Johnson?

    A bit of a flash back, I have not thought about for a long time, In high school in the 1960s used play soccer against Exeter. Your image of Boston City Hall brings back old memories also, I remember maybe around 1970 when Southie was “protesting” against school integration or something like that, and their lawyer was an African American and they, thinking he was their enemy, stabbed him with an American flag pole, with the flag on it, on the steps of Boston City Hall.



  2. Steve, thanks for checking in! My fondness for architecture comes from receiving Legos for Christmas when I was 5 or 6 years old, which was just capped off with retirement last month from a 40 year career as an architect. 😁 As for Philip Johnson, I guess I always found him entertaining. He did help promote countless good architects, even if his own promotion (adoption) of the latest style was maybe second-rate? I did find a photo of Boston City Hall from this week’s same roll of slides: https://sanslartigue.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/brutal-boston/


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