2 thoughts on “In Transit

  1. Living in Cambridge about 1970, I had a moving business, I had a van , with over 250 colleges there were a lot of students with a chest of drawers, maybe a couch, chair and bed and books and dishes , it was was not unusual for them to put all their books and dishes in a big black plastic bag and often we would pick it up and the bottom would rip open from the weight.

    One time we were hired to move the “Ellsberg papers” from a storage room at MIT to a unit in a big storage building in Central Square. I saw this old woman dressed in old clothes diddling around in one of the storage units, We used to seeing her wandering about Central Sguare and thought she was homeless. I inquired and it turned out she rented a big storage unit which was full of valuable things, no one knew where she lived, she was not poor, but not so coherent, and her last days were spent wandering the streets of Central Square.

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  2. Appearances never tell the whole story. This week’s photos of “life on the streets” are related to the photos in my book, in color, but the same streets. As we pass people, or tents, or RVs, we can never be sure of where they are coming from, or where they are headed. But, we are all living here right now.

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