6 thoughts on “Empty Sidewalk

  1. Good question! I’ll give it a try and see if things improve. I’m a seat of the pants Elements user, with a small set of go-to tools that work for my usual work. I’ve tried different scanning settings for these over the years to try and get a bit more detail. Scans of color prints or slides are always a challenge for me, but I don’t recall if I’ve given white balance a fair shot. Thanks!

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  2. Sometimes the scanning software itself gives one an opportunity to change white balance. Or try this…In Photoshop Elements, open your image andselect enhance –> adjust color –> remove color cast. You will then be given a dropper tool with which you can click on whatever part of your image was meant to be purely white (like teeth or a blown-out sky) and the image will change. You can also click on the sidewalk… neutral gray. Not sure what elements will do if you try the gray.


  3. I had better luck with the eye dropper for tomorrow’s post. It’s probably too blurry of a starting image, but it does give a bit more detail of some storefronts.

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  4. I’ve always wondered what day of the week and time of evening these were taken. Really no people in any of them, yet a lot of parked cars. And it’s not raining which is unusual for Portland in December.

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