8 thoughts on “Silver Glen Liquors

  1. The cars ruins it for me. I am a purist and I wait for it. I design every inch before hand on a shot like this. Look at every corner. Especially since you don’t do anything post.


  2. Square does’t work. I don’t shoot that quickly if a shot has great potential. I will take several of the same image if I feel the composition has great potential. I shoot quickly so as not to let the “decisive moment” pass me by.


  3. But- I will always wait for “ugly” cars to go by. I will add people only if they enhance the shot. Sometimes I even take 2 shoots if I feel the potential- one with people and one without. Light and shadow are still the key ingredients for a good photo.


  4. Starting Monday, 5 days of no cars, no people, no square crops, but shadows, black and white, and the occasional shadow of the photographer 😉


  5. Glad you found the car you liked on IG 😉 I was just thinking about The Americans right before I saw your comment. I’m working on a book project of two parallel thought lines and am in need of some direction. You’re becoming one of the voices in my head ☺️


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