5 thoughts on “Se Solicita Empleada(o)

  1. I could probably give all kinds of reasons! Most of the time these days I’m using a Fuji X100F which has no zoom, or my first generation iPhone SE which has relatively low resolution so I tend to limit zooming unless I think I might get a desired effect. I do have a little Canon Powershot with a great zoom but it hasn’t gone to Mexico yet 😁. Otherwise it’s cropping as I edit and see what feels right. For this particular shot I love the little girl giving me the eye while the guy is installing door hardware. Past trips were with a Canon G7x which has a nice zoom, but might have a scratch on the lens so it’s mostly retired. And I’m waiting for a roll of film to come back that I shot with my Minolta X-700 and it’s 50mm. I’m just a fixed lens kind of guy 🤔 and I tend to keep my distance 🙄


  2. I am mostly a fixed lens gal but sometimes I don’t keep my distance because I get swept up in capturing the (decisive) moment. LOL. I would have cropped this to his feet, gotten rid of the extra pavement and some of the buildings facade esp. the lamps. The emotion is lost in the architecture. Maybe made it square and sepia! I have been liking the Polaroid shape. I miss my Nikon D90.


  3. You’ve inspired me for next weeks selections! A little bit of everything…wide shots, close ups, and even a couple close crops, almost square. By the way, welcome back, I’ve missed our “discussions”!


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