4 thoughts on “Fremont Bridge

  1. David,

    I really like the contrast of the thick and thin lines in the Fremont Bridge photograph, you can just feel the ride . Maybe it makes a difference me being from Fremont Ca, ha ha,

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  2. 😃 John C would probably agree 😉. I was surprised when I opened the post this morning at how similar this view was to the Cable Stay photo earlier this week, I must like that framing by the I-5 overpasses at each location 🤔


  3. I like the framing also, the texture contrast works well to design the information. David, you have a lot of architectural images, I assume that is one interest of yours. Do have have an opinion of Philip Johnson?


  4. 😊one year retired from 40 years as an architect…but as a good friend pointed out when I let my license expire, once an architect…. I’ve seen Philip Johnson as a great promoter and great character, and I really like his glass house.

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