8 thoughts on “Steps

  1. I don’t know if one is allowed to put a link in comments, so i better don’t.
    This picture reminds me of Jean-Pierre Rampal playing the flute in “Il est cinque heures, Paris s’éveille” by Jacques Dutronc. Thank you for this wonderful memory, do look up the 1968 version on youtube and you will see what i mean (what it means to me)

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  2. I just want to sit myself down on those steps with a big cafe au lait and watch Paris meander by all afternoon. Very inviting and arresting image.

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  3. If I found the correct video his “dancing “ movements were a bit distracting, but I did go find the lyrics in English and see what you mean about the photo 😉 Those steps are a classic Paris experience for me! Probably related to watching An American in Paris way too many times. My wife and I saw an exhibit of french paintings and prints at the art museum this week and learned that 5 o’clock was the traditional hour for meetings with one’s mistress…I’m guessing not the same 5 o’clock as in this song…

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  4. i cannot remember any dance… he stands beside a then popular french car and just walks up the steps, yet it’s the flute that triggered the memory.
    and haha, it would probably the 5 o’clock to say goodbye to a mistress ;0)


  5. I found it! He’s either very tired (out all night) or his feet really hurt, which may explain his dance moves on the other video 😉. I definitely see what you are feeling

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