4 thoughts on “Light Sources

  1. I was there a few years ago, before the restoration, and loved it! I’d be curious to go back again post-restoration to see what it looks like now. Great shot, David, thanks for sharing!

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  2. Thanks John! I was there 23 or 24 years ago when they may have just finished an exterior restoration and the interior looked like the offices had just moved out. Someone told us the University alumni offices were in there. It’s definitely worth a visit

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  3. My favorite architectural trips I’ve ever taken have all been in the Midwest. Lou Kahn, Tadao Ando, and Philip Johnson in Texas; Fay Jones in Arkansas; Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff in Oklahoma; Eero Saarinen and Louis Sullivan in St Louis; Wright, Mies, Sullivan, SOM, and countless others in Chicago; Wright in Wisconsin, too many to mention (most notably Marcel Breuer) in Minnesota… If you say that a trip back to the Midwest is overdue, who am I to argue…?!? I’ll be on the first flight there!! 🙂

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