Context Archives – 1

I recently came across a set of slides (Ektachrome, I suspect) that I shot in 1979 for my 5th Year Design Studio in Architecture School. I haven’t found any shots of the actual site, but you can see a portion of it on the right side of this image, a white bungalow that was converted to a restaurant as I recall. The design project was for a repertory theatre, and we had a reasonable-sized lot to work with. I elected to keep the existing house for scale and neighborhood context, and arrange the theatre and rental commercial and office spaces around it.

The site in Eugene, Oregon is on Thirteenth Street, the commercial strip leading from Downtown to the Campus of the University of Oregon. Bob’s Superette remains one of my favorite buildings in that neighborhood.

I’ve scanned the slides, and converted some to black and white. I’ll post them each day for the next week.

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