2 thoughts on “Last Trip to Washington Park

  1. If you check my Instagram you’re likely to find most photos are without people, since that’s been the reality of the past 15 months, while most postings here are pulled from older photos, and I’m probably looking for the people that are missing now. Now, whether that qualifies as desolation may be a different question. You may just be giving up on encouraging me to use more color? This train trip was one of the final trips from the zoo to the station near the Rose Garden. It’s a lovely loop through the woods of Forest Park, but unstable hillsides need a lot of expensive work. I remember taking that trip with my grandparents, and probably with my parents at some time, and definitely with my daughters when they were young. Desolation, melancholy, or just plain sadness are probably all apt reactions. And who can’t love that streamliner! Thanks for prompting some summing up of that week of photos 🙏


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