2 thoughts on “Generations together

  1. Back around the days of Heike and Genji Kiyomizudera was known for its army of warrior monks. I think its seven stories tall and no nails, just Japanese joinery. You have a category of Architecture, I would suggest a book called “Space and Spirit in Modern Japan” by Barrie B.Greenbie. Its an interesting, and I think insightful, discussion of the relationship between Japanese architecture and Japanese culture. He uses a lot of his personal “snapshots” to illustrate his ideas and at the least you will better appreciate why Japanese take off their shoes in the house.


  2. Thanks, it sound quite interesting! Our locally-owned mega bookstore says they have a cheap copy, so worth a look. We were supposed to arrive in Tokyo today for a three week visit, thus the photos from 12 years ago. Maybe next year, or 2022. Architecture is more than a category, I’m wrapping up my 40 plus year career as an Architect between now and Christmas.


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