4 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter

  1. David, I am 75 years old, during those years there were many times this country had opportunities to make some progress and change the course of relationships, perhaps most signficant was the Kerner Commission in 1968 which was just ignored, as per usual.

    Still then as now, people talk and talk, and no positive steps forward are made.. Most white Americans seem to believe that African Americans having “Constitutional Rights” is something they give to them, not a right of being an American and still believe African Americans are just never grateful enough to whites for all the things they do for them.

    This woman, is she on her way there or on her way back? with a sign in one hand, a foldup chair in the other and a bent over back and she feels determined but weary.


  2. Not sure if she was heading home from the group in today’s picture or if she was fanning out further down the street. There was another woman also on the move, but I lost sight of them. I feel so sorry for people who feel like life is a zero-sum game…that they stand to lose if someone else gains anything. We all stand to gain so much when everyone gets a decent chance.


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