2 thoughts on “Bauhaus in Tokyo

  1. In 1970 I was a Sociology instructor at a midwest college when I first heard of Bauhaus. The school graphic designer had an office near mine, we often talked, he had studied at Univ of Chicago where many of the Bauhaus instructors went after they left Germany and he taught me about the school. I was amazed when he showed me about pasting up type and art on mechanical art board for printing.

    Six years later after three years of art school where both the design and color teachers used the Bauhaus teaching structure, one year at a major Boston printer and 35 years in my own marcom design business in Silicon Valley. I still really like Helvetica (the re-cut Helvetica Neue now).


  2. Good memories! I watched the documentary Helvetica a month or so ago, fascinating dive into type / fonts. The first architecture firm I worked for in the late 70s used Microgramma for all their letterhead and titleblocks. I was very impressed by it, and how unique it was at the time in Eugene. I got to play with Letraset in a variety of settings, and work with several graphic designers during the next 10 years until I settled into more typical firms where someone else dealt with all those decisions.

    And now I need to revisit my photos from last year’s Bauhaus Centennial tour, and refresh my memory of those images!


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