8 thoughts on “My Ferrania Adventure – 4

  1. Doing well, but a bit contained 😉 things are quiet here, and we’re staying away from crowds. I worked in the studio yesterday, collage and watercolor first efforts. Need to go for a walk today. You can see daily peeks on our Instagram pages. How are you? I suspect you’ll be settling in for a while? Is your family in Spain ok?

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  2. Yeahh I’m afraid, I’ll be in London for a bit without seeing my family. They are all fine and healthy and their spirits are surprisingly up, very happy about it. The UK is being slow in reacting and most people are acting as if nothing was going on.


  3. Didn’t Brexit make Britain immune to the world’s problems? Because we aren’t following local news as closely as the rest of the world’s, things seems a little calmer yet intentional here.


  4. Hi David, this is a beautiful image. This film has required some trial and error for me. I have a roll in my camera and will shoot some or all of it today. Stay safe, healthy and involved creatively, Louis.

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