Expired Film and a walk to Division Street

A couple years ago I shared a photo adventure that was a bit out of character for Sanslartigue, but to refresh your memories, you can find it here.

This time, I’ve taken out my father’s Pentax MV that I inherited when he passed away several years ago.  His camera bag included a zoom lens and four rolls of Kodak Max 400 ASA color print film, “best used by 02/2006”.  I shot one of the rolls with the camera set for 150 ASA, and probably could have slowed it down a bit further, judging by the prints that came back from the lab.  I’ve scanned the prints and made some minor adjustments, and will share some of them here over the next week.

There’s still my old Minolta X700 that I’ve borrowed back from my daughter that I can’t wait to try, probably with the 2 rolls of Ferrania P30 that I bought several weeks ago!

6 thoughts on “Expired Film and a walk to Division Street

  1. interesting. did you tell the lab it was expired and the asa? or just let them do their thing?

    this shot looks a slight bit out of focus. was this the camera, user or the film?


  2. For this roll, I just let them do their thing. I plan to be a bit more prescriptive with future rolls of expired film, this was my first experience. The view finder on the Pentax is a bit dark, so I suspect the focus was equally the fault of the camera and the user! I also noticed on several shots that the print is sharper than the scan, so I’m going to try scanning the negatives on a few. Also, I wear progressive lenses, and am way out of practice focusing with an analog SLR, glasses on, off, and a bit of guessing 🙂

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  3. Haha, how well i remember that post. And funny, when seeing the image it kind of felt familiar (which is impossible). Please continue the walk, wherever it takes you and your (dad’s) cameras.


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