8 thoughts on “Notre Dame, October 1986

  1. As a medievalist, not sure they should rebuild. Tough call but I am in favor of shoring up the existing exterior walls and putting a glass museum building inside.


  2. Interesting idea. I haven’t looked close at the stories of how much of the interior finishes were damaged, didn’t think it was all that bad other than the roof and ceiling? It’s been “rebuilt” so many times before , how much worse could one more be? How historical have any of those rebuilds been? But it could be a different lesson in history.


  3. It will be worse because it is being rebuilt for profit. It was about the power of Light & astounding beauty in the 12thC. Now it must come from the (natural) source and a glass roof will provide the spirituality appropriate in the 21st C. It is a relic. No one puts the body back together.


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