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  1. 🙂 I generally don’t comment on camera, film, etc (The Silent Camera) but always happy to share what I can recall. This week’s Maybeck Church shots were slides (Kodachrome?) that I took during a spring break trip to San Francisco in 1978. The building caretaker invited me inside to shoot the interior shots. The slides don’t seem to be in very good condition, it may just be the weather that week that made the exposures a challenge. I used a Ricoh SLR and have now scanned the slides on an Epson flat bed scanner, which leaves a bit to be desired on the focus. A lot of Nik post-editing, and voila! A fit fuzzy, a bit moody. There are some previous posts from the original Sanslartigue here: https://sanslartigue.wordpress.com/tag/christian-science-church/

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  2. You know. It seems that I’ve never read your “about” before. And for unknown reason I thought that you are even younger than me 😀 It’s not good or bad, but it’s a bit funny 🙂 And I was born in 1990)


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