2 thoughts on “Milwaukie with Ferrania P30 – Part 2

  1. Ah! The X-700–the last film camera I owned…..before I started buying them again…..
    It was the camera that I really learned on. I had oodles of toys to go with it too. Auto-winder/grip, bunch of lenses, flash. Sold it all for a pittance to buy the wife a little digital cam when our daughter was born. No regrets, but I still miss it. What a great camera. I’ve actually thought of finding another……

    Guess I’ll have to do some digging now and see if I actually got any decent pictures with it….. 😉 (it was a long time ago….)

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  2. It’s been fun getting reacquainted with it. I bought it in 1986 for a trip to Europe and used it until 1998, mostly for slides. My daughter used it for her photography classes for several years and I just got back from her. I’m thinking about looking for a few lenses, but fine for now. I need to use it for some film other than Ferrania and see how it does.

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